(A)DD: Halogen Cashmere-Blend Open Stitch Sweater

Did you know that you could shop Nordstrom Rack online? Maybe it’s because I’m a Nordstrom kid – being a kid in love with fashion in Seattle will do that to you – but I think that Nordstrom Rack is on of the best discount stores around. I am an avid Marshalls/TJ Maxx shopper, but if we’re being real… neither hold a candle to Nordstrom Rack.

Their brands are some of the best brands and include high end designers, as well as some lesser known, mid-range brands that, of course, are discounted thanks to the fact that Nordstrom Rack is, well, Nordstrom Rack.

Today, while browsing their site, I came across approximately one thousand things that I could have posted for today’s (Almost) Daily Deal, but was stopped in my tracks when I saw this somewhat futuristic yet totally basic sweater by Halogen:

Daily Deal: Halogen Mesh Sleeve Cashmere Sweater

The fabric blend has just a little bit of cashmere – enough to make it feel luxurious. That’s exciting, but what really drew me in was the unique notched shoulders and mesh knit sleeves. I love a good baseball/raglan sweater, but this one is basic while being a little bit special – that’s a combination of qualities that I’m a huge sucker for.

You really need to check the size availability on Nordstrom Rack’s website before you get excited about a product… It’s a good lesson in restraint. Too bad restraint sucks! Fortunately, as of right now, this sweater is available in S/M/L/XL in this beautiful oatmeal color.

Check it out!: Halogen Cashmere Blend Open Stitch Sweater, was $59 now $19.97

If you’re as into Nordstrom Rack as I am, check out the rest of their online offerings!