ADD: H&M Snakeskin High Tops

As far as “basic high-top sneakers go” – I don’t think such a thing exists. At least, not in a form we can all agree upon, because I look at these white, faux leather, snakeskin high tops from H&M and I think, “Oh, those will go with everything.”

Daily Deal: H&M Snakeskin High Top SneakersThey have all the things I love! Greyscale, studding, zippers, minimalist design… Everything is lovely, and I would gladly wear these all summer.

Daily Deal: H&M Snakeskin High Top Sneakers

Such a simple style, and it will be a subtle statement, too, because the snakeskin acts as a neutral – it might as well be a solid color against all of that white faux leather, but instead it adds a textural neutrality that is really exciting to me because I’m ultimately pretty boring.

Except for my love of sneakers, I guess.

I have a pair of sneakers from H&M that I bought in an emergency when a much more expensive pair of shoes decided to go all Game of Thrones on my feet. Admittedly, they don’t feel like you could hike in them, nor would they survive a Seattle rainy season, but they’re adorable, warm, cover my feet, and don’t hurt them – that’s all I’m really looking for here, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m getting.

As you know, H&M is cheap. So when H&M is on sale, you’d better get your lunch money out because it’s a rarity that goes away real fast. These retail for $49.95, but right now, they’re in clearance for $20 in all sizes. If you love these, now is the time to act!

Check it out!: Faux Leather Snakeskin Sneakers, $20 at H&M