(A)DD: Hurley Shark Bite Sawyer Sweater

Happy October! I have a feeling that there are a large number of you who patient wait all year for October to get here, and then use the entire month as an excuse to add a little spook into your daily wardrobe and pretend you live in Hocus Pocus for 31 days.

I only assume this because I, myself, wait all year semi-patiently for October to get here. Not just for spooky festivities, but also because October is enveloped in my favorite season, and this month is right around the time it really starts to get good. Leaves are getting extra crunchy and it’s starting to get too cold for a t-shirt and jeans.

…And then yes Halloween, one of the best days of the 365 we have to work with, is finally “coming.” Nevermind the fact that bulk candy has been lining aisles of grocery stores since September 1st, now Halloween is officially coming.

So break out your horror-inspired wardrobes, and if you don’t have one – get to looking! You can start here. With this cute sweater with the jaw of a shark on it.

Hurley Shark Bite Sawyer Sweater

This is the first time I’ve really seen sharks represented in the “sweater animal” game. There are all kinds of ponies and puppies and crap like that, but what about the fiercest predators of the deep? They deserve some sweater-air-time, I think.

Check it out!: Hurley Shark Bite Sawyer Sweater, reg. $55 now $24.99 at 6pm

I mean, they get an entire week of television, but not a single sweater? Call me crazy, but there are just some things I don’t understand.

Probably watching Netflix.

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