(A)DD: Itsy Bitsy Sterling Silver Midi Ring

Rings are such a fun thing to collect, and simple, silver rings like this one by Itsy Bitsy are perfect for wearing whenever, which means that “splurging” on a good deal when it comes around is easier. Yes, I am enabling you.

Almost Daily Deal: Itsy Bitsy Sterling Silver Midi Ring

If you’re new to the idea of wearing a midi ring, or it’s just starting to become something you could see yourself wearing (new trends are scary), this is an excellent starter.

It’s pretty unassuming – just a little plus sign amidst a band of sterling silver. I’m not sure why it’s less than $10 right now, but I’m not complaining! Midi rings are still on my list of Things To Try, but I’ve been waiting for the most perfect opportunity to come along. That, of course, means that it has to be the highest value for the smallest price. Sterling silver for $8 would definitely qualify.

Check it out!: Itsy Bitsy Sterling Silver Midi Ring, was $20 now $8 at Kohl’s

Winter is rolling around, and that is my season of silver. I tend to wear more jewelry in the winter time, for some reason, and silver is my metal of choice because, well, truth be told it’s one of the few metals I can wear due to my stupid metal allergy! Thankfully, finding little gems like this one is becoming more frequent. Hooray for unexplainable sales!

I’d love to have this style in silver, gold, and rose gold… Luckily, I found a gold version, also by Itsy Bitsy, but it’s a regular-sized ring and sadly I found no rose gold. The search continues!

Probably watching Netflix.