(A)DD: Lenox Porcelain Travel Mug

Those of you trying to perfect your millennial grandma style of living had better sit down or put the kettle on… I’ve come across something I’ve never seen before, and I’ve been shopping for the last 10 years straight.

Remember when I had a moment and went on about fine china? Well, I’ll spare you the rehashing, but I must tell you that Lenox has stunned me with yet another home item that you wouldn’t expect… a reusable, porcelain travel mug.

Daily Deal: Lenox Porcelain China Travel Mug

If you’re a true millennial grandma, complete with a passion for 80s daytime dramas and cross stitch, you’ll probably consider this to be a travel tea cup for your latest favorite Earl Grey. Take it with you next time you go thrifting for oversized sweaters and low heels.

Maybe you’re not a millennial grandma (can you tell I’m trying to cement this as a real thing?), maybe you love the idea of having something considered to be fine in your kitchen. Maybe the idea of pouring Schnapps into a flowery porcelain travel mug full of cocoa excites you – hey man, I get it. There’s nothing more punk rock than peppermint hot chocolate cocktail with a twist of butterfly.

Check it out!: Lenox Porcelain Travel Mug, was $15 now $8.99 at Macy’s

As far as the actual specs of this travel mug go, it’s double-walled to help retain the heat and comes with a silicone travel lid. It also comes in another grandma pattern with some beautiful purple hydrangeas and the same damn butterfly. If you fall in love with either one, there are entire dish collections based around it. It’s “Butterfly Meadow” by Lenox, look that shit up.

As far as why this is on sale – your guess is as good as mine, but it ends on September 28th – that’s tomorrow for those of you with space/time difficulties! If you want to snag it, use the code SUPER to take 15% off, making the grand total $7.64. Cheers to that!

Probably watching Netflix.

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