(A)DD: Old Navy Active Yoga & Compression Leggings

Earlier this year, I entered into a commitment to get healthy. I have done this approximately 98.361 times, but this time actually was different. I actually ended up in a 3x per week bootcamp class that has been thoroughly kicking my ass since June 1.

Prior to June, I hadn’t stepped foot into a gym in a decade. How the hell do you buy workout clothes?

Activewear? I am so uncomfortable, this is all new territory… but over the last four months, I have learned a tiny bit, which is enough for me to now include workout gear in my regular daily ogling.

And wouldn’t you know it – workout clothes end up in the clearance section just like all the other normal clothes. IMAGINE THAT.

Daily Deal: Old Navy Activewear Yoga & Compression Lggings

Old Navy Active Compression Capris, reg. $26.94 now $11.97; Old Navy Active Yoga Leggings, reg. $19.94 now $11.97

One of my little beads of wisdom: you can never have too many workout pants. Or shirts. Some are good for different days, others are good to store in the car, or whatever “I’m too late to go home & change” spot you prefer.

Another thing I’ve learned about workout gear: if you have a decent amount of weight to lose (I do), workout clothes are a lot like baby clothes. Your size changes and all of a sudden, you can’t wear 75% of the clothes you used to be able to wear. And, trust me, doing lunges in pants that are too big is not cute or a good workout. I think I tweaked my back trying to hold my waistband up…

Thus, clearance section activewear is my friend. If I’m going to change sizes in a couple of months, I’m not going to drop $50 on a pair of really excellent pants. I’d rather spend it on the three pairs of clearance pants I’m going to need to make it through those couple months. $11.97? I can forego two 20 oz lattes in exchange for a pair of pants that’ll help me work it off later, you know what I mean?

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • October 9, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    i love the compression leggings AND that they always have great deals!

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