ADD: Old Navy Striped Tank Tops for $6

Old Navy is always excellent for sale shopping around this time of year. They really take the 4th of July idea and run with it, being that they’re such an All American Brand and everything. Whatever that means, I am super stoked to see things for $2 and $4! That’s my kind of celebration.

Almost Daily Deal: Old Navy Striped Tanks for $4

At first glance, I loved this tank because it reminded me of the old circus strongmen costumes. (I have a vintage circus obsession! Remember when Broke & Beautiful had a vintage circus themed website? I can’t find a screencap right now, but if I do, I’ll put it on Facebook! B&B has had a lot of faces…)

But I am also a purveyor of stripes, as is well documented here. I have a collection of $5 skirts from H&M that have the same stripe color combinations seen here, so if I wanted to have a sexy Beetlejuice moment, I can. (And who doesn’t?) Another thing I love about these tanks is the material. It sets them apart from other basic tanks because of the wide rib knit, which comes off as more of a super-lightweight sweater than a cotton tank!

Realistically, I love these tanks because you can wear them several different ways. They add a really nice graphic pop to an outfit without being overwhelming. Tucking them into a skater skirt, or just wearing them with a good pair of jeans would utilize these tanks perfectly. Plus, during Old Navy’s sale, they’re only $6 each.

There are only four colors to choose from, so the worst amount of trouble you could get in is to the tune about $25. Could be worse! Couldn’t really be better.

Check it out!: Wide-Rib Striped Tank Top, $6 (was $10) at Old Navy

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • July 2, 2014 at 8:31 am

    oh these are cool,i think that you can wear them with almost everything :)

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