(A)DD: Poppin Small Soft-Cover Notebook in Every Color

Journal addicts: beware. I am a recovering office supply hoarder, and these little soft notebooks from Poppin have me shaking a little bit…

Poppin Soft Lined Notebook $6

They’re pocket sized, with soft covered, and 192 pages of lined paper. I am both selectively forgetful (what doctor’s appointment…?) and a burgeoning list-maker, so these potential purchases are all kinds of justified in my head right now.

Especially because they are only $6. Six dollars each! That puts them in stocking stuffer territory, not to mention “regular purchase” territory. As far as cost per use goes, that’s pretty damn good.

So that justifies getting one in every color… right?

Poppin Soft Small Notebooks - $6 each…because there are a lot of colors. A lot! Not pictured here are metallic silver and gold, plus whatever other colors I forgot. I’m partial to mintlight grey, and the navy kind of surprised me, but I like that one, too! Okay, and coral. And yellow, but not the neon yellow. Well, the neon isn’t that bad… I LIKE THEM ALL OKAY.

Check it out!: Small Soft Cover Lined Notebooks, $6 at Poppin