(A)DD: Ralph Lauren Hook Closure Belt

Fashion has a lot of lessons in it. Think about the time you first learned to tie your shoes, then to the first time to had to zip up the back of your own dress without help – hard, right? It takes time to learn how to dress yourself, and do it well. Each garment has its own set of rules and shapes that define its use.

Belts have a learning curve all their own. Belts are accessories and therefore extra difficult. (There may be some personal experiences fueling this theory.) Thin, wide, metallic, leather, waist, hips, dress, jeans… There are so many factors tied up in belts that it makes finding one like this one from Ralph Lauren an almost anxiety-inducing experience.

Ralph Lauren Hook Closure Belt Black

I know that I like it. I know that I like it so much and it’s got one of the most unique belt closures I’ve ever seen. Calling this a “hook closure” is a bit of an understatement, as the entire fastening end of the belt is a hook, and the “eye” is a shiny chrome seat. The buckles on either side of the hook determine its tightness, and there is a small patch of elastic in the back that allows for some stretch to fit.

What I don’t know is whether or not I like it better in tan leather.

Ralph Lauren Hook Closure Stretch Belt Tan

Something about the tan and chrome-silver against the warm, light tan leather is obviously kind of equestrian… but also kind of Pin-Up Robot, if you feel me?! I just love shiny hardware mixed with warm tones.

Check it out!: Wide Leather Hook Closure Belt, was $40 now $20.99 at Ralph Lauren