(A)DD: Stackable Stone & Enamel Cuffs by Sequin

At first, these listing had me so confused because, while they said “Sequin Stone Cuffs,” I couldn’t see sequins anywhere. It only took me about 10 minutes (exaggeration) to realize that Sequin was actually the brand, and a brand I’d never heard of! Which, of course, meant that my next twenty minutes would be consumed by the Google machine.

Sequin is a costume jewelry design house out of Manhattan, started by sisters Kim and Linda Renk. Seasoned fashion vet, Tara Malkovich, serves as the Creative Director and interprets the unique qualities of vintage pieces into modern pieces. They’ve been up and down the runway on everyone from Tadashi Shoji to Badgley Mischka, and now they’re producing jewelry at Daily Deal prices. We are truly jewelry-blessed.

Daily Deal: Stackable Stone & Enamel Cuffs by Sequin

As you can see, their style is simple but bold, and that translates into some really versatile and beautiful cuffs!

Right now, Nordstrom has the three styles you see above on sale for 50% off, for whatever reason, and that brings their individual totals under $15. Yum.

Daily Deal: Enamel & Gold Cuff by Sequin

Enamel Cuff, was $28 now $13.98

Daily Deal: Stone & Gold Cuff by Sequin

Stone Cuff, was $28 now $13.98

Daily Deal: Stone & Gold Cuff by Sequin

Stone Cuff, was $28 now $13.98

Each cuff is 14k gold-plated, and there are multiple color options for each style. If you’ve been looking for something interesting (not boring) to go between or around your statement bracelets when you’re stacking, these would be a great option!

Check it out!: Sequin Stone & Enamel Cuffs, $13.98 at Nordstrom