(A)DD: Tarnish “In Bloom” Scarf

Winter and fall have some of the best colors associated with them. Not only because fashion marketing dumps gazillions of dollars into phrases like “jewel tones” and “warm brights,” but because of what nature is doing! Look outside! Brightly colored (albeit dying) trees pop out against dark blue stormy backdrops and if you’re lucky enough to live in the northwest, the evergreen trees against the rich brown dormant trees is really beautiful.

So that’s where the gorgeous palette of fall and winter colors originally came from, and it’s hard to replicate the exact color combinations, but sometimes you find something that comes close and it makes you feel instantly cozy.

Tarnish In Bloom Scarf

If that taupe-gray was white, this wouldn’t work. And if that orange were more yellow, it wouldn’t work. But the colors on this scarf blend perfectly, as is, to encapsulate the best season ever. The muted neutral makes the barely-loud pinks and reds of fall jump out at you and make you want hot chocolate.

Tarnish In Bloom Scarf Flat


Also, if you spilled hot chocolate on this, it wouldn’t really be noticeable! Lazy girl bonus!

Check it out!: Tarnish “In Bloom” Scarf, was $32 now $21.44 at Nordstrom

There are two other color options for this scarf, coincidentally a very spring-like combo and a clean, winter set, as well… Is there possibly a summer? Where is summer? Do they know they’re scarves?

This scarf makes me warm, and thinking about adding it to my largely gray and black wardrobe makes me happy.

Probably watching Netflix.

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