Affordable Line to Love: Naja Lingerie

Affordable Lingerie Line to Love: Naja

Maybe it’s my age, or my desire to spend my money on things that truly make me happy, but lingerie and intimates have been showing up on my wish lists more often since I hit my late 20s.

It could also be attributed to the horror and torture that is the experience of buying undergarments as a curvaceous young woman. Anyone who doesn’t fit into sample sizes understands my pain – and that’s pretty much everyone. Even then, if you achieve perfect fit, there is a 99% chance that whatever fits you perfectly is utterly boring to look at. About as empowering and enchanting as a stick of glue.

Naja Talavera Red Olivia Bra

Talavera Red Olivia Bra, $56; Clementina Cheeky Panty, $20

The most beautiful patterns and fabrics are clearly going to be found on the pieces with the highest prices. This tends to be true when it comes to famous brands – but independent lingerie brands are a different story.

Naja was inspired by world travels, and created in honor of the women that founder Catalina Girald met along the way.

The inspiration is clear to see from each collection – Talavera glows with the colors and patterns of traditional Mexican folklore, Noir de Noirs is the perfect encapsulation of French elegance, and Andalusia is a lace collection inspired by traditional ladies mantillas

Affordable Lingerie Line to Love: Naja

Andalusia Bianca Lace Bra, $62; Marlena Lace Short, $26

When I say that this brand honors women, I really mean it. Not only is it woman-owned, but it’s essentially powered by the strength of women, as well.

Naja works directly with the Golondrinas Foundation in Columbia for their program, Underwear for Hope, which employs displaced women after first teaching them to sew. That’s right, this company teaches women a marketable skill… then employs them for it.

Ethical Lingerie: Naja

Many of the women are mothers, and most of those mothers are single mothers, so this job means caring for their families by bringing money in, and Naja allows many of the women to work from their homes, which makes parenting solo a lot easier.

There’s even a nylon fabric made from recycled fishing nets, so if you’ve got an ethical soapbox to stand on, Naja has pretty much got you covered.

As far as the construction of the actual bras and panties, Naja professes that each piece is “meticulously crafted.”

Affordable Ethical Lingerie Line: Naja

Talavera Valentina Bustier, $72; Carmen Hi-Waisted Panty, $28

The cups are made from memory foam to ensure that they mold perfectly to your shape, and the fabrics are moisture-wicking, stretchable, and luxurious. They’re the same fabrics that designer brands use, the only difference is Naja doesn’t believe you should have to pay huge prices for a bra.

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The panties are made with the softest Peruvian Pima Cotton, and the lace is nylon instead of polyester so it’s softer on skin. Thought has been put into nearly every little details of each bra and panty, and it shows. The stunning patterns and designs on the fabrics are a lovely bonus on top of high-quality crafting.

Naja Ethical Affordable Lingerie

Naja panties: Tropical Jungle, $16; Noir Audrey, $22; Talavera Martina, $20; Talavera Carmen, $24; Amelie Thong, $18.

I should mention that Naja has many other styles that are not in the aforementioned collections, including some really cute offbeat basic panties that I think I must have.

The prices are pretty spectacular when you take into account the extreme care and thoughtfulness that has gone into each facet of Naja’s lingerie creation process. Luxurious designer panties for under $25, and bras for less than $60?

Also imagine my surprise as I found my size – 34DDD – available for purchase, immediately. What? Really? Their size range is a little bit atypical: 32B – 34DDD. They encourage you to tell them when your size isn’t available, though, so it’s safe to say they have aspirations of widening that range!

My favorite collection is the Talavera Blue collection. (Also available in red.) The fabric reminds me of Spanish tile, and the floral motif over the top of the intricate patterns is absolutely gorgeous. The high-waist panty is my favorite bottom, but each panty in the collection is gorgeous when paired with the bras. The longline Valentina bra is on my wish list already.

Line to Love: Naja Lingerie

Talavera Blue Olivia Bra, $56; Martina Panty, $20

Just to recap the greatness of Naja:

  • Affordable lingerie made from luxury materials
  • Use nylons made from recycled fish nets
  • Educates single mothers/women giving them marketable skills
  • Employs single mothers/women for said marketable skills
  • Size chart is crazy wide, and if your size isn’t there, they want to know about it!

Find your favorite Naja lingerie collection on their website.

PS – Foodies, particularly sushi-lovers, there is a Jiro-themed panty that I think we all need…

  • Meg

    Oh. My. God. Thank you!!! I am a 32DDD and I have been bound to Victorias Secret online my WHOLE LIFE. Thank you. Thank you. I’m so glad I found your blog.

    Check Out My Blog at:

  • Naja and Victorias Secret the quality is good, but the price is high.

    I whole life via

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  • Juliea Smith

    Why don’t they make A cups?

    • Juliea, that is a REALLY good question! I am going to email them and find out.

      • Juliea Smith

        I discussed it on Instagram with them. They said that they will in the future but that up until now making A cup bras would bankrupt them.

        • Oh, good job!! Bankrupt them…? That seems a little dramatic. (Which is unsurprising considering all of my interactions with the brand, tbh.)

          • Juliea Smith

            Yes! It seems odd to me that A cup bras would bankrupt them when they can afford to make sizes like 32DDD? Are A cups so rare? She said she didn’t meet the minimum for ordering A cups from the manufacturer, but at the same time was telling me that the 32B cup IS a 34A. A 32B has never fit me correctly like a 34A because I have a large rib cage. I brought the subject up because I don’t like when companies promote real women but leave out certain women.

          • Dude, good point. I find it way hard to believe that there aren’t as many women with A cups as… any other cup size? Like that’s just such a weird stance to take. Also telling a potential customer that creating product for them would BANKRUPT them is like kind of a messed up approach to customer service but WHAT DO I KNOW

            Did you see their feature on Shark Tank? I think this company just chases whatever will get their lingerie covered. They have contacted me a few times asking me to change this post to include special links and keywords and uhhhh… that’s not how this works. :|

          • Juliea Smith

            Very interesting. When I brought up about her telling me to get a 32B because she knows it’s the same cup as a 34A and asked why she couldn’t make A cup bras I never got a reply. The conversation ended there. And am I supposed to feel bad for requesting A cups!? I certainly would hate to see women go bankrupt. I had ordered a bralette and panties which haven’t arrived yet but now I’m not certain I want to support the company and kinda have buyers remorse. I really find it hard to believe that there aren’t plenty of A cup women out there, plus I would imagine that some young teens with disposable income from allowance might also be interested in A cup bras?

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