(A)DD: Boohoo Lace Slip Skater Dress

A lot of dresses on this site look like something you should sleep in, and in fact, that’s something I’m rather proud of. This dress, on the other hand, looks so much like a piece of gorgeous lingerie that I almost feel like I should add a disclaimer.

Daily Deal: Boohoo Lace Skater Slip Dress

But instead I’m not going to. This is such a great hybrid of two classic dress styles: the slip dress and the skater dress. Both were already flattering and, combined, they make for a pretty romantic and sexy presentation.

Daily Deal: Boohoo Lace Slip Skater Dress

Sadly, the green isn’t available anymore, which is a real shame because it’s a beautiful color. They have the lavender color available, as well as a vibrant navy blue which adds some sophistication to an otherwise pretty damn whimsical dress. It’s on sale right now, marked down from $24 to $16. If payday had come already, like I asked it to, I would definitely be picking one of each color (um, so two).

Around the bodice, there is some really faint tone-on-tone lace detail that might be what sold me on the dress. This would be a great layering piece come fall, when a little peek of lace dress hem would be a welcome sight among long wool coats. In the meantime, wear it while it makes sense! (AKA in the vanishing sun!)

Check it out!: Lexi Lace Slip Skater Dress, $16 at Boohoo