(A)DD: Calvin Klein Mid-Rise Gray Skinny Ankle Jeans

That is a mouthful of a product name.

The most common color in my denim pile (yes, pile) is gray. By a long shot. It’s my comfort-color, my favorite neutral, and one of the most flattering ones, as far as I’m concerned. I have no facts to back that up, but I dare you to show me a color that doesn’t look awesome with a shade gray.

Another denim feature I’ve become quite fond of: ankle lengths. There’s something about that length… I think I get off on knowing that my [hopefully fabulous] shoes are getting the limelight, thanks to the crop of the leg. I often think that women buy their jeans too long, in some kind of subconscious attempt to relive the 1990s. Hey, I don’t blame you! They were perfect. But they’re also over.

Daily Deal: Calvin Klein Skinny Gray Ankle Jeans

The fact that you can find Calvin Klein jeans for under $25 just really caps off my week nicely. Not just available, but available in all sizes, 27-33.

These have a tiny, teensy bit of spandex in them, which is nice because they’re obviously a couple fibers away from being paint-on pants, but that little bit of stretch makes all the difference.

Check it out!: Calvin Klein Mid-Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans, were $89 now $23.95 at 6pm