Bland & Loud: Neutral Sweaters with Vivid Nails

After the beautifully bland experience that my green nails highlighted, I found myself unable to stop thinking about neutral sweaters with bright nails.

Mostly sweaters, if we’re being honest. Is it weird to be inspired by a sweater?

I'm Wearing: boohoo Embellished Sweater & Bright Nails

My sweater (I snagged it from boohoo during the holidays) is the first of its kind that has hit my closet. I am definitely more of a “GAP sweater girl,” meaning the basic, mini-ribbed, black v-neck, or the slouchy, solid-color crew neck with extra long sleeves are my go-tos. As far as patterned sweaters – I think I had a striped one once? You see where I’m going with this.

This sweater had hardware. Shiny, gold studs that line the seam between the cream and black fabrics, the latter of which is speckled with metallic fibers that catch the light but don’t necessarily stand out. The cream colored knit is only found at the shoulders, and is nubby and soft, as all cream-colored sweaters should be. Multi-tonal, embellished sweaters? Definitely a new thing for me.

After realizing that one of the things that made me love my bright nail polish was actually my black, cream and gold sweater – I got busy searching for more. Can a girl make a life wardrobe out of bland sweaters & nail polish? I’m leaning towards yes. (That’s why they invented leggings, right?)

Neutral Sweaters + Bright Nails :: Affordable Fashion

Harper Heart Elbow Patch Jumper ($45) with Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystals in Prismatic ($12.50)

Neutral Sweaters + Bright Nails :: Affordable Fashion

Tamara Marl Knit Sweater ($32) with Sephora + Pantone Elemental Energy in Red Metallic ($5)

Neutral Sweaters + Bright Nails :: Affordable Fashion

BB Dakota Broderick Sweater ($26.40) with Illamasqua Rubber Finish in Serenity ($17)

Neutral Sweaters + Bright Nails :: Affordable Fashion

Carrie Bobble Stitch Stud Shoulder Sweater ($45) with Essie The More The Merrier ($8.50)

Neutral Sweaters + Bright Nails :: Affordable Fashion

Heartloom Angora-Blend Langdon Sweater ($46.80) with Orly Mega Pixel FX in You Are Not Alone ($6)

 What’s your favorite bright color to wear with drab clothes?

That Angora sweater with the rose gold is hypnotizing, but I’m in love with the chevron patterned sweater with that bright, vivid blue! (That polish actually has a “rubber finish” so I’m extra intrigued…)

Grey is such a beautiful base color for neon colors. Especially, deep, gloomy greys like the marled sweater with the studded shoulder epaulettes. You could put just about any radioactive color on top of dark grey an it would look fabulous.

Tell me your favorite pairing in the comments!