ADD: Choies Deceptively Casual Midi Skirt

A while ago, amidst my obsession with photograph prints on clothing, I developed a long-term admiration for larger-than-life graphics. When it comes to department stores and easily-shoppable places, it’s not often that you see an oversized graphics that look artistic and still wearable to someone who isn’t Betsey Johnson.

I’ve had experiences with Choies before that left me… feeling awesome and wearing a badass baroque necklace.

Daily Deal: Choies Floral Jersey Pencil Skirt

Now, I’ve found this amazing skirt with a huge, asymmetrical print that looks photographic, but isn’t. It’s actually somewhat painterly, and that makes it even better, if you ask me.

I love seeing floral graphics that do something different. Starting at the top and flowing down to the knee produces a gorgeous effect. Plus, the skirt is jersey, which we know casualifies (yeah we’re gonna make that a thing) whatever garment it comprises. But florals, on the other hand, are typically known for being more formal, so this strikes a cool balance that makes it wearable in all kinds of situations and occasions.

Daily Deal: Choies Floral Jersey Pencil Skirt

How they’ve styled it on Choies website is actually… pretty adorable. Sometimes product styling feels so utilitarian, it’s nice to see something a little more updated and reflective of someone, somewhere’s personal style.

Check it out!: Gray Floral Back Slit Midi Pencil Skirt, $16.60 at Choies

Probably watching Netflix.

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