Daily Deal: Alternative Apparel Adrian Jacket

As a big fan of Alternative Apparel – both for product-related and ethical reasons – I am really excited to tell you that today’s DD features one of their deliciously comfortable jackets in a super cute polka-dot pattern.

Daily Deal: Alternative Apparel Hoodie

If you’re unfamiliar with Alternative Apparel, I would highly advise ditching their American counterpart and using their basics as the foundation for your wardrobe. The quality is just as good, and in many cases, much better and they have excellent business and environmental practices!

Alternative Apparel swears by fair labor standards, and will only work with vendors that can ensure that there is no child labor, harassment, discrimination or forced labor practices and provide healthy, safe environments with fair wages for their employees.  Additionally, Alternative Apparel happily employs environmentally low-impact wash & dye practices, and offer organic and eco-friendly fabric options for many of their products.

And they make cute hoodies with polka dots on them!

Check it out!: Alternative Apparel Adrian Jacket, $14.99 at Macy’s

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