Daily Deal: Arden B. Colorblocked Top

Color trends can be hard to spot, unless you’re sitting downtown with a clipboard recording everyone’s color combinations, or meticulously logging Pose photos from bloggers and selfie-takers. But occasionally one sticks out like a sore thumb among seemingly “old news” combos, and this spring, navy and beige/nude has definitely been that thumb.

Daily Deal: Arden B. Colorblock Top


It’s sophisticated because navy, but the nude lightens it up and makes it into something that somehow more interesting and also more versatile.

It’s warming up outside, and sleeveless tops are starting to look pretty good. Even if you’re not entirely comfortable letting your arms out, a light jacket is still going to be less oppressive than if you had sleeves! This is a night, lightweight jersey, too, so it’ll be ideal for hot days, and will even let some breeze through!

The pleated panel on this top totally sold me, to be honest. I am picky about my colorblocked fashion and the minimalist, simple pleats down the center are perfect.

But what really made my pupils turn to hearts… was the unbearably strappy back:

Daily Deal: Arden B. Colorblock Strap Top


Can I wear this? Probably not without some type of bungee cord apparatus, but that’s not stopping me from swooning. There’s something about that brassy snap in the back that totally nails me. And the high neckline with the saucy, strappy rear view? And all those vertical lines? Help. 

Check it out!: Colorblocked Pleated Knit Halter Top, $23.40 at Arden B.