Daily Deal: Benefit One Prime Day Face Primer Set (3 Products for Under $10!)

One of the very first products that I was ever up-sold was from Benefit. I remember going with my boss to the local Macy’s on our lunch break to get made up by the ladies at the cosmetics counter. The details surroundingĀ why we did this and other such questions are definitely foggy, but the one thing I remember from the entire thing was the bottle of High Beam by Benefit that was first applied to my face, and then to my credit card.

This was also the first time I’d ever experienced Benefit, and once I looked in the mirror, I was totally sold on Benefit’s psychic understanding of how I want my skin to look. The only problem? I remember the credit card part, too, and Benefit products frequently pack a hefty price tag.

…But this is a Daily Deal so you know that this story has a happy ending.
Daily Deal: Benefit "One Prime Day" Face Primer Set

The products included in this set:

  • “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer, 7.5ml
  • The Porefessional Pore Minimizing Balm, 7.5ml
  • Stay Don’t Stray, 2.5ml

Every piece of this collection is meant to make your skin look flawless, which is awesome if you’re getting close-up photos or plan on being exceptionally close to something with eyes.

The Benefit website still has this set listed for $17, and on 6pm.com right now – you can snag it for $9.

Check it out!: Benefit One Prime Day Set, $9 at 6pm

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