Daily Deal: Bonnie Jonas Zodiac Bracelet

Now, I’m not one to wield a horoscope as the explanation for my irrational and unfounded behavior, but I can’t help identifying with… several traits of my zodiac sign. There is no mistaking it: I am a Taurus.

I have a huge love for bulls and bull-related everythings, and definitely resonate with the descriptive terms “stubborn,” “loyal,” and “patient” – though, I definitely don’t feel patient. My sister insists that I am patient… “You’re totally patient! Well, you’re patient with people who are wrong.”

It means so many things and they’re all right.

Bonnie Jonas Taurus Zodiac Bracelet

Bonnie Jonas is a new-to-me jewelry designer, but I love the detail and antique quality in her pieces. By “her” I think I mean “they/it” because, from what I can tell, this is a Nordstrom-exclusive brand and thus, Bonnie Jonas may not be a real person. Tough break, Bonnie!

Bonnie Jonas Zodiac Bracelets

Usually, I would classify zodiac-related accessories under “borderline tacky,” but these bracelet cuffs are an exception to my rule. The way each bracelet is so simply constructed – two hook ends fit into loops on each side of the pendant – adds continuity to the style of the zodiac design.

The texture and old coin effect of each design is really well done. Each cuff is goldtone plate & brass and would be good as an everyday bracelet, if you’re in the market for one of those.

I don’t do bracelets very often, but I think that this would look beautiful next to some rugged materials, like maybe a woven leather bracelet or black enamel. They play the casual and formal cards equally well!

Check it out!: Bonnie Jonas Zodiac Cuff Bracelet, $11.98 at Nordstrom