Daily Deal: boohoo Chili Colorblock Bikini

I don’t know how it happened, when it happened, or why… but I love bikinis. I wear them approximately never, but shopping for swimwear has become a joy of mine. Mind you, my childhood was littered with chubby-kid perspective that kept me out of public in a bathing suit for a large part of my life. But, a funny thing happens when you pass 26 years old and start to really get to know yourself – you stop giving a damn.

Now, bikinis are still a struggle because of my ample endowments (gross, I just grossed myself out – what I’m talking about is boobs), but that doesn’t stop me from ogling the suits and envisioning my dream swimwear collection with a suit to match my every mood… It’s dreamy, isn’t it?

This colorblock bikini from boohoo just got added to my imaginary swimwear closet:

boohoo chili colorblock bikini

Neon! So bright!

The nice thing about neon, though, is that it’s flattering even on the lightest of pale skin tones. Of course, on darker complexions, it pretty much always looks incredible (see photo, ahem). Neons are a surprisingly forgiving set of colors.

Another detail I’m in love with? Piping. There’s something so clean and sporty about contrast piping (the folded fabric along the edges – on the suit, it’s the turquoise). They absolutely nailed the colors, too – there’s a warm tone (orange), a cool tone (turquoise) and a nice in-between (pink) to neutralize. If you care less about color theory and more about how it looks – let me simplify: colors bright go together good. That’s all you really need to know.

I could see myself wearing this bikini top under tissue-thin white shirts during the summer. Not that I consider visible bras to be tacky, but this is so obviously a swimsuit, no one would think twice about it! And if they do, they’re boring!

Check it out!: Chili Colorblock Strappy Halter Bikini, $20 (was $40)

Probably watching Netflix.