Daily Deal: Coconut by Matisse Terra Flat Sandals

Sandal season is upon us, and I’ve already broken down and bought myself my first pair of Havaianas to celebrate.

Unfortunately, rubbery flip flops are not suitable for all occasions. Sure, they look fine with a maxi dress, but when you want to do warm wear fancy, you want to do it without including something that could be considered a shower shoe.

Daily Deal: Coconuts by Matisse Terra Flat SandalsSomething a bit more strappy and secure would be nice on occasion. Something made from leather that will last a while, and look good with everything from a dress to beat up, nasty jeans. Sandals that can take you from the date restaurant to the beach without worrying about logistics. These Terra sandals from Coconuts by Matisse fit the bill perfectly. They also come in 5 different colors and are available in all sizes!

I love finding leather sandals for under $25 – there’s something so satisfying about buying fine materials for over 50% off… I’ll never get over it.

Bless that back zipper, too. I love complex, strappy sandals, but the ones that actually force you to mangle all of those straps around your foot – terrible. Don’t trust me with that kind of engineering! Just put a zipper in the back so I can put them on in under 5 minutes.

These are available at 6pm.com, which is one of my favorite places to buy shoes. Why?

1. 6pm.com is the “outlet mall” for Zappos.com – so all the goods that Zappos has trickles down to us poor folk!

2. They always have videos of the shoes they sell. This is unbelievably awesome. The ability to see shoes walking around with feet in them is as close to trying on as you can get from the internet!

3. Free shipping, always. 

4. A sweet rewards program! I love rewards.

If you’re in the market for a basic pair of “nicer than average” sandals for a crazy price, I’d definitely add these to the running!

Check it out!: Coconuts by Matisse Terra Sandals, $24.73 at 6pm