Daily Deal: Coupe Collection Plaid Utility Shirt

This is an item that’s been on my wish list  for far too long: a plaid utility shirt. Button down, dress shirt, flannel – whatever you want to call it (except flannel because that’s a fabric and if the shirt isn’t flannel, don’t call it a flannel, okay? /SeattleRant) – it belongs in everyone’s wardrobe.

Especially lately, since plaid and the general lumberjack-meets-90s vibe has become in style, again. If you don’t like to participate in trends, that’s fine, but you can’t deny how comfortable this shirt looks:

Coupe Collection Plaid Utility Shirt

The perfect brick-red plaid shirt, am I right? There is also a blue and white shirt, but there’s nothing more classic than this grunge-worthy hue.

The best part is the price, and the second best part is that it’s available in sizes S-XL, so a multi-sized, large group of us can all wear the same shirt! How exciting is that?

Check it out!: Coupe Collection Alice Plaid Shirt, $19.24 at Amazon

** The blue version is actually a bit cheaper (not that $20 is expensive for a shirt like this) at $16.41. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear red plaid shirts:

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • January 27, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    I found this plaid shirt at T.j.Maxx and I love it! Great fit

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