Daily Deal: Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket

I’m on a jacket kick lately, likely due to the fact that I’ve been forced to wear my standard (albeit adorable) wool coat for about 7 weeks straight, thanks to the whole winter thing. I’m so tired of my wool coat, I need variety!

Additionally, I’ve always wanted a coat with faux leather sleeves (not always, within the last three years, quit being so dramatic) . I don’t really care what the rest of the jacket looks like, as long as there is textural (or subtle color) contrast between the sleeves and the body. I get fixated, what can I say?

The fact that this Mossimo Faux Leather Moto Jacket is, in fact, a moto jacket is kind of the icing on the cake.
Mossimo Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket

Green! I love green! This faux leather & green combination is slowly becoming a classic staple, for me. It’s so easily neutral but not as potentially dull as a solid-colored coat! I just bought a heather green motorcycle jacket last week (waiting for it is torture) but the black on black version might have a place in my closet…

Mossimo Black Faux Leather Jacket

That’s enough contrast for me to feel like I’m a badass Matrix extra while I’m wearing it. I actually like that the jacket is a bit cropped, because it’s not going to undo all of the hard work that wearing high-waist clothing puts into making my body look awesome.

Check it out!: Mossimo Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket, $23.98 at Target

Probably watching Netflix.

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