Daily Deal: House of Harlow Crater Cocktail Ring

It’s no secret that I have a bias towards jewelry that can double as armor and/or a weapon, so seeing this House of Harlow ring on sale for over 50% off inspired consumer salivation.

Just look at this profile:

House of Harlow Crater Ring

All the charm of a cocktail ring with the added twist of skull crushing architecture!

I have a piece of jewelry from House of Harlow, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It’s an antique-look ring, similar in tone to this one, and I can attest to its construction and fit. If you know your size, House of Harlow seems to be right on the standard for ring sizing.

From the top, it kind of looks like a chrysanthemum.

House of Harlow Crater Ring

Pretty beautiful considering its intimidation factor! If you need a hardcore edgy piece of costume jewelry for your collection, definitely consider adding this one. The price is right, and everyone loves a cocktail ring. This would even look good next to a can of PBR!

Check it out!: House of Harlow Crater Cocktail Ring, $21 at Neiman Marcus