Daily Deal: Jules Smith Gold-Plate Wings Midi Ring

While most trendy moments leave my mind fairly quickly after they arrive, midi rings have been lingering around ever since I first set eyes on them.

I own approximately zero midi-rings (or above-the-knuckle-rings… whatever you want to call them, it’s fine. I’ve heard 250 different names for midi rings and I’m sure they’ll just keep coming), but – as every good cheap girl knows – the more popular something gets, the more readily available it becomes, and the more readily available it becomes, the lower the price can be. Tell all your friends that midi rings are the new black! Or whatever!

(It also means more midi rings that end up in the sale section, so always, always check sale jewelry!)

Daily Deal: Jules Smith Gold-Plated Wings Midi RingI love wrap-around rings like this one from Jules Smith because a) they are adjustable by design and b) they don’t look adjustable. When I think of adjustable or one-size-fits-all rings, I think of those little plastic eggs you got for a quarter at pizza places when you were a kid. Not necessarily a flattering, adult memory…

Another thing that grows this ring up a little bit? The 14k gold plating. A little flashy, Icarus-esque accessory sounds like a cute addition to your jewelry box, right? Maybe they’ll remind you not to fly too close to the sun… or to get as close as you can without melting!

Last Call Neiman Marcus is having a Friends & Family sale today only, so while this is still a steal at its outlet price of $21, that extra 30% off sure is a nice little bonus.

Check it out!: Jules Smith Gold-Plated Wings Midi Ring, $14.70 at Last Call Neiman Marcus