Daily Deal: Kelly & Kate Crossbody Bag

Recently, I purchased a bag that tops any of its successors in terms of size. The other day, I found myself getting out of my car with too many things to bring inside: coffee, a container of soup, and 5lbs. of kitty litter. I flung my enormous bag around over my shoulder and comfortably fit that entire 5lb. container of kitty litter inside…

And the soup. That’s one free hand because my bag is comically large.

That being said, enormous bags are not ideal for every situation. Antique shopping, for one, is not advised when you have a small child hanging off of your shoulder by a strap. Anything breakable is in immediate danger simply because I own this bag. Not necessarily ideal.

But I refuse to give up crossbody bags. I refuse! So finding this Kelly & Kate Drew Crossbody bag – only 8″ wide – in four colors for less than $25 is kind of a New Year’s miracle (if that’s a thing). Kelly & Kate Crossbody Satchel BagMy initial reaction is to go with the brown bag, but I can’t stop looking at that cloudy blue… There’s something really neutral but exciting about a grey-blue color in such a tailored little bag. But honestly, for this price, there’s plenty of time to acquire multiples.

Check it out!: Kelly & Kate Drew Crossbody Bag, $24.95 at DSW

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Daily Deal: Kelly & Kate Crossbody Bag

  • January 3, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    I agree about the blue hue being the best of the 4 for this style.

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