Daily Deal: L is for Lovers “Gracie” Split Sleeve Dress

Today, I wanted to do something different. Every Daily Deal I post is something that I could easily see myself wearing and, quite frankly, probably found its way to my wish list pretty soon after I posted about it.

So today, I’m going for something that is a complete departure from my comfort zone – just for fun. Something I can totally tell is adorable, but I would never think to pick for myself. That thing is the Gracie dress by L is for Lovers.

Daily Deal: L is for Lovers Gracie DressI mean, okay. Maybe this isn’t a complete departure from my style… Simple lines, high comfort level, solid colors… But it’s definitely a shape that I’d never consider putting on my Christina Hendricks body. Boobs everywhere.

But that doesn’t mean one of you wouldn’t look fabulous in it and, dammit, it doesn’t have to be about me all the time!

I love the colors of both of these dresses, and the split sleeves are admittedly intriguing. They cover as much of the arm as they conceal, but it is definitely an elegant look. The hi-low dress element is also somewhat alluring… There’s a sense of security in knowing that your ass is always going to be covered.

The temptation is strong here… Maybe I’m just looking to break out of my “tried & true” shell? This dress is dangerous to me, and I think that’s why I kind of want it really badly…!

Check it out!: L is for Lovers Gracie Split-Sleeve Dress, $24.49 at Nordstrom