Daily Deal: LC Lauren Conrad Bow Shorts

Before you shoot me a thousand dirty looks for mentioning “shorts” in the middle of winter, hear me out. I mean, my argument isn’t very complex – in fact, it’s one word.


Tights save shorts from a meager one-season existence and turn them into wildly versatile and dare I say ballsy garment. I even know some people who would profess that leggings are also a completely acceptable thing to wear underneath shorts. For some reason, it seems less ballsy to me, but I wear leggings as pants, so…

Want to know what else is not very ballsy?

LC Lauren Conrad Bow Shorts

Peachy-pink shorts with bows on them.

Fortunately, ballsy and adorable are not mutually exclusive (gross, also) and these shorts from LC Lauren Conrad (her line for Kohl’s) are marked down $30!

I always worry about buying shorts online because they’re one of those pieces that I really need to fit me perfectly. Like, it’s not an option to have ill-fitting shorts. Ill-fitting shorts have ruined careers, lives. So I always give a quick web search to see if any of the four kajillion fashion bloggers on Earth have posted a shot of themselves wearing the shorts.

In this case, it turned up two gorgeous ladies wearing these shorts!

M.R. from Let's Talk Fashion
M.R. from Let’s Talk Fashion
Not Your Mom's Closet via Lucky
Not Your Mom’s Closet via Lucky

The length is great and the rise is nice and high, which is super flattering and honestly, more comfortable. Higher rise = more comfortable? Who am I? I am 28 now. Is this how one transitions into wearing mom jeans?

Whatever, I’m cool with it.

Check it out!:  LC Lauren Conrad Bow Shorts, $20 at Kohl’s