Daily Deal: Leith Crisscross Crop Top

Crisscross crop top sounds like a time-lapse punishment from the 90s, but I assure you – it’s not that bad.

As a one-time crop-top-wearer, myself, I can verify that this top is scared-of-midriff approved. Putting this on over a high waisted skirt would be far less flashy than you think. Add a jacket or something over it if you’re nervous and it’ll still look awesome.

Daily Deal: Leith Crisscross Crop Top

My favorite part about this top is the cut. Lower on the sides, higher in the middle – that’s not only flattering, but more comfortable. It means it’ll “stay down” better, and pulls the eye to the center of your body instead of the outside, which means you can make some really cool shapes and silhouettes with it.

In the back, the bottom hem of the shirt rests at the small of your back – not so dramatic when you think about it that way, huh?

Daily Deal: Leith Crisscross Crop Top

Another bonus? It’s basically a t-shirt. The sleeves are loose and hang away from the body , and it’s not skin-tight anywhere. That being said, it’s cut to flow along with your body, and won’t come across as an oversized, Flashdance top, either.

This would be a great, inexpensive leap of bravery for someone who is intrigued by the crop top, but never thought they were the “right shape” or had enough style to rock one. Go for it! You can totally wear this, and if you like it, you should.

Check it out!: Leith Crisscross Crop Top, $18.98 at Nordstrom