Daily Deal: MIA Strut Wedges in Silver & Tan

A while ago, I had a momentary obsession with the combination of silver & tan leather on shoes. It’s since subsided, but seeing these faux leather and wicker wedges in 6pm’s clearance section may have revved it up again.

Daily Deal: MIA Silver Tan Strut Wedge

Double buckles, and a detailed but neutral wicker wedge? Yes, please. The platform adds 2″ to the toe, so these heels feel more like a 3″ wedge and less like a 5.25″ wedge. Which is really, really good.

On top of being Space Beach Resort appropriate, these are from one of my favorite brands, MIA. I’ve owned several pairs of their… well, actually they’ve all been wedges, and I’ve been satisfied with each and every pair. They definitely know how to do a sturdy, substantial wedge. You won’t feel like you’re falling over with every step.

I’ll never get tired of this strap-combination either. The wide strap at the toe and ankle straps reminiscent of saltwater sandals are literally the perfect strap set for me. Nice and wide for comfort and stability, and the way that these particular ankle straps intersect make everyone’s legs look amazing. Fact.

When is the weather going to hurry up and improve so I can start rolling up my skinny jeans and showing off my wedge collection? (Of which these may soon be a part.) Also, these are available in pretty much all sizes and are in clearance for $60 off. Yeah. Ready? Less than $20. Yeah, happy Monday.

Check it out!: MIA Strut Wedges, $19.99 at 6pm

Probably watching Netflix.