(A)DD: Mossimo Chiffon Baseball Sleeve Dress

Daily Deal: Merona Chiffon Sleeve and Hem Dress

This dress falls right smack between casual and semi-formal. The chiffon at the sleeves (in a conveniently-flattering raglan style) and the hemline make this err on the side of fancy, which is a nice contrast with the super-chill baseball sleeve.

It looks fabulous on the hanger, I must admit, and it looks adorable on a body, too – but it’s just begging for you to accessorize it.

Daily Deal: Merona Chiffon Sleeve and Hem DressWhether it’s an amazing pair of boots or a belt or a bag, this dress is a great foundation for accessories. The multiple color options give you a lot of creative opportunity, as well! The muted maroon color is so strikingly different from the acid yellow (or “Granny Smith Green,” I guess), and then the black is extra classic compared to the other colors, and that teal is so fresh!

I would probably end up wearing this dress without any kind of bodily accessory (save for maybe a long necklace or jacket) with some rugged boots because I’m lazy and that sounds crazy comfortable! This is going to be a great fall outfit, too, after you throw a pair of tights on underneath.

Check it out!: Mossimo Chiffon Sleeve & Hem Dress, was $24.99 now $8.94