Daily Deal: One Rad Girl Melanie Skirt

So maybe budget-friendly faux leather isn’t everyone’s cup of bubble tea. That’s something I, as a grown adult, need to learn to accept.

Maybe some people are stripes people – I am also a stripes person. We can get along. Polka dot people? I could warm up to you after a while. Probably. Maybe there’s even a cable knit person or two floating around… We have our extreme differences, but I will not cringe at you for wearing your terrible sweaters year-round. The diversity of fabric obsession is boundless, and that’s what makes for good street style, and even better closet envy.

Today, I’m throwing a bone to those of us whose idea of heaven is a piece of fabric covered in small, reflective, plastic discs…

Yeah, I’m talking about sequins, baby.

Daily Deal: One Rad Girl "Melanie" Sequin Skater Skirt

Now, here’s something I hadn’t thought of yet (shockingly): sequin skater skirts. It’d be  so easy to pair it with a random graphic t-shirt and feel like a comfortable Disney princess all day.

I mean, of course you can wear with something equally as dazzling as a full skirt full of sequins (silk crop top? I don’t know! Wear whatever you want!), but I am always a fan of taking something utterly feminine and making it into something confusing and Tomboy-ish. I could also see a big, fuzzy sweater being extremely cute with a skirt like this (NOT CABLE KNIT), I would probably be inclined to add my Boutique 9 wedge sneakers with it… I don’t know why I can’t just let pretty things be pretty! It’s a disease!

A spiky, leathery, rock & roll disease. Gross/awesome!

Check it out!: One Rad Girl “Melanie” Skirt, $22.98 at Nordstrom