Daily Deal: Ornate Frame Dry Erase Board Decal

Big frames can make a plain wall into a historically relevant one. The more gauche the frame, the happier a girl I am. I used to like plain, geometric frames for my photos and artwork, but these days I crave ostentatious.

Even for my dry-erase note boards.

Baroque Frame Dry Erase BoardYou might not think that a dry erase board has a place in your house, but they are good for a modicum of things.

  • Sharing with roommates? Hang it by the door and leave angry, passive-aggressive notes.
  • Grocery shopping lists and dry erase boards are natural BFFs.
  • If you work from home, you should have had one of these months ago.
  • Turn it sideways and make it a calendar if you have a crazy, discombobulated schedule.
  • Use it as a menu for a swanky dinner party.

The uses are endless! Its baroque-like frame makes it a statement piece that is instantly cooler than 95% of other dry-erase boards in the world. Trust me, it’s science.

Oh, and by the way – this isn’t a frame at all. It’s a wall decal. No screws, nails, thumb-destroying tacks necessary. Plus, it’s totally removable, so put it where you need it!

Check it out!: Dry Erase Ornate Frame Wall Decal, $9.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond


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