Daily Deal: Painted Gold Chain Necklace

Now, this is something I haven’t seen before: dipped gold chain. It’s long and it’s neutral – two things that go very well with the word “chain.”

Daily Deal: Paint Dipped Gold Chain

I say that because I have a bright gold chain that isn’t this long, it’s more of a choker, and the bright’n’shiny-ness of it is almostĀ more of a statement than I want to make. Making 75% of it glossy, rubbery black chain, instead, would be a great way to temper that eye-catching opulence and make it more casual.

The way that Nordstrom has styled this necklace definitely gives me some ideas…

Daily Deal: Painted Gold Chain Nordsatrom

…but I also have a little obsession surrounding baseball t-shirts, so – there’s that, too. I could see this necklace over a basic tee, just as much as a button down blouse for work. It would also compliment a monochrome look, as the gold would be a pop of color against blacks, white and grays. A little shiny never hurts an outfit, right?

Check it out!: Painted Gold Chain Necklace, $23.98