Daily Deal: Painted Threads Contrast Mini Skirt

I am not a person who people, including myself, would probably ever describe as “sporty.” Once upon a time, I was actually, literally¬†sporty¬†but these days, the vast majority of my cardio comes from shopping in wedge sneakers. I have no shame. Painted Threads Contrast Mini Skirt So, I guess that makes my love for this contrast-band mini skirt hipster-level ironic. It’s ultra sporty – the hem reminds me of those dolphin shorts that were popular in the 1970s & 1980s… Dolphin Shorts - 1970s 1980s …but better. I love the clean lines of sporty styles like this, because they tend to be ultra versatile. Imagine them with everything from a sequin tank to a graphic t-shirt and it looks good. That’s my kind of closet staple! Plus, there is a unique hi-low effect here that has me really intrigued and excited: Daily Deal: Painted Threads Mini Skirt I think this would be really cute with leggings or colorful tights, and particularly adorable with something really intricate and flashy! The basic feel of the skirt will make some of your most exotic and flamboyant clothes seem damn near normal.

Check it out!: Painted Threads Contrast Mini Skirt, $16.80 at Nordstrom


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