Daily Deal: Pastel Raglan Sweatshirt

Today, you have yet another opportunity to disguise your laziness as style by choosing a pajama-like staple that looks really good by itself.

I’ve already talked your ear off about how much I love baseball tees, and now I am going to give you the reprise version, as this sweatshirt from aerie has lovely raglan sleeves that make comfortable things¬†even more comfortable.¬†(Note: not scientifically possible, so I guess I mean visually).

Daily Deal: aerie Pastel raglan Sweatshirt

The cool blues and greens get woken up by the shock of bright, warm pick at the collar. I actually really like that the only pop of color is around the neckline. Everything else is so light and pastel that it almost looks translucent, then you get slapped in the face with a salmon (-colored pink).

Daily Deal: aerie Raglan Sweatshirt in 3 pastel combos

The “pop of color at the neckline” trend doesn’t stop at the cool & serene palette, either! There are two other color combinations for you to choose from. I’m partial to the greens & blues, but the electric turquoise sleeves on that middle one are pretty charming! Which is your favorite?

Check it out!: Raglan Crewneck Sweatshirt, $20 at aerie