Daily Deal: Monochrome Ear Cuff

While the rest of the country gets battered with ridiculously low temperatures and mounds upon mounds of snow, Team Pacific Northwest is sustaining a bit of a drizzle with temperatures hovering around 40ºF.

I’m not sure I want to be forcibly trapped in my own home, but a couple of inches of that bountiful snow wouldn’t really hurt, would it? I mean, not only do I feel personally left out, but I fear that patriotism and morale is being affected. Why does the rest of the country get fun winter stuff, and we’re once again left holding 250 days of rain?

My hurt feelings started when I spotted these amazing ear cuffs, because they look like icicles, which we have none of because it’s freaking 45ºF right now. Cool January, Seattle. I don’t know what’s more sad – that this is what Seattle’s winter weather impression looks like, or the fact that this day could be square in the middle of April, September or November and it wouldn’t be out of place.

Arden B Gemstone Ear Cuffs


The look of an ear cuff is so striking. I’ve seen them in an increasing number of fashion editorials, and of course they’re all over Tumblr and Pinterest. My ears are stretched, so these would be a challenge, but I absolutely adore the severity of their style! Obviously, a more formal option, but if you’re like me, every now and then you get onto a rebellious bent that leads you to wearing formal styles in the daytime. No shame!

Check it out!: Gradient Rhinestone Ear Cuffs, $13 at Arden B.

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