Daily Deal: Rockstar Skinny Corduroy Pants

The last time I wore corduroy was likely when I was 14. I had just finished up a soccer game far away from home, and had completely neglected to bring any other clothes with me, so I was facing a long car ride in cold, wet clothing.

Fortunately, my rockstar Dad had a golden moment, and I remember him taking me to GAP and buying me a pair of bootcut, grey, corduroy pants. They were the second pair of non-wide leg pants that I’d ever owned. (I had a very… contemporary childhood style.) I was honestly terrified of them, because I had all kind of body insecurities as a 5’6″ 14 year old with more curves than 90% of the girls my age.

I called pants like these “tight pants” and they scared the bejeesus out of me. Regardless, I will never forget putting them on and feeling instantly like a supermodel. I’m not sure if it was the Corduroy in 1999 effect or the fit, but that was a major turning point for me, pant-tightness-wise.

Those very pants lived a long live and accompanied me to many life milestones, including my first Apple Cup and my first near-arrest. Precious!

So when I saw these Old Navy Rockstar Cords on sale for 19.97 – I flipped out a bit.

Old Navy Rockstar Cords in Green

Not only is Old Navy’s Rockstar line of pants super affordable at the full price of $35, but they are comfortable. They have just the right amount of stretch without feeling like leggings.

The wale on these cords is pretty fine, definitely not that chunky, could-run-a-train-on-it type that your parents had, and then later made couches with. From a distance, these cords just look soft and maybe a little velvet-y.

I’m in the middle of a green phase, but if you’re looking a different delicious color, check out the others! There are six, total, and many are available in special lengths!

Old Navy Rockstar Cords Colors

I am partial to the grey, green and maybe even the turquoise… Pick out your favorite and snap ’em up!

Check it out!: Rockstar Cords, $19.97 at Old Navy


  • These are so cute and a great deal. I need more corduroys in my life!

  • Rabbit

    I love corduroy skinny pants. Actually Macy’s in-store clearance has some in the 11-13$ range with the re-occurring weekend sales the last few weeks. They are very similar to these: http://bit.ly/1mPcQcY style and co, skinny, tummy-control (i know, i know, but they actually fit really well and are comfortable). I’ve gotten gray, black, and olive/green so far.