Daily Deal: Rubbish Twill Bomber Jacket

Tough clothes made with contrasting, upscale fabrics always make me smile. I love it, and find it highly amusing and entertaining when a bad-girl jacket is made with a yacht club material, it softens things and adds a sense of humor – which, if you ask me, is imperative if you’re going to attempt to involve yourself in fashion at all.

I seem to gravitate towards this juxtaposition particularly when it comes to jackets. A motorcycle jacket made out of floral silk? Yes, please. A jock-y varsity jacket made from olive green, grandma quilted cotton? Bring it to me.

A classic, casual bomber jacket made out of haughty twill, in three muted, pastel colors? Ohhhh my goodness.

Rubbish Twill Bomber Jacket in Purple

This jacket is made by Rubbish, an ironically named brand who produced one of my all-time favorite sweater dresses. They’re always smart about interesting color combinations and clearly are on the mark when it comes to selecting fabrics.

Rubbish Twill Bomber Jackets

The “faded green” is particularly attractive to me, but I wouldn’t turn down the other two colors if they arrived at my doorstep. I like how you can just as easily wear it with a dress as with something like a weird graphic t-shirt with moldy lips on it.

This jacket, to me, is an opportunity for accessories and interesting colors to take center stage. Whether you choose to go saccharine lollipop guild member or biker chick with a 4am tee time, it’s definitely a worthy addition to your jacket game.

Check it out!: Rubbish Twill Bomber Jacket, $23.90 at Nordstrom

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