Daily Deal: ASOS Short Sleeve Midi Dress

More again with the midi skirts and midi dresses craze, I know. I can’t help it! When something so flattering and exciting comes around, it’s my civic duty as a blogger to obsess over it and post about it 4,000 times in a season. It’s extra okay for me since all the stuff I post is super affordable, right? So I get a pass on the “you post about midi things at least twice per week” thing, right?


Daily Deal: ASOS Short Sleeve Midi Dress

It wasn’t just the cut of these dresses that caught my eye, though… It was the colors. Obviously, black is super standard and will always have a place in my closet, but the burnt orange and the dark red are both beautifully autumnal shades that you don’t see too often on ladylike pieces.

Short sleeves also help to counteract the potential “dowdiness” of this cut, as the skirt is slightly fuller than your average pencil skirt. The more fitted top is just going to make everything look more tailored.

Check it out!: Short Sleeve Midi Dress, $23.40 at ASOS

Probably watching Netflix.

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