ADD: H&M Skinny Low Ankle Jeans for $15

Leave it to me to make a status about how I don’t understand tucking shirts into leggings to have my friend Louise from Mayfair Calling show me what’s what by posting a photo of herself looking glorious with a chiffon shirt tucked into textured leggings. It just seems counterintuitive to me, but as you can see on my Facebook post, she instantly became my leggings-as-outerwear guru. I am humbled.

I, myself, am more inclined to tuck things into pants. Well, let’s get specific since the “leggings as pants” debate has me in the “they’re totally pants because I wear leggings as pants in public constantly” corner. I feel most comfortable tucking just the front of my shirt (my boyfriend hates this, he doesn’t and won’t understand my front-tuckery) into some kind of leg-covering with a button and fly.

This can mean leggings or jeggings or jeans or trousers… But I can’t justify tucking a shirt into an elastic band. Am I being pant-snooty?

Anyway, this snapshot into what I spend my valuable time thinking about has been brought to you by $15 skinny low ankle jeans at H&M.

Daily Deal: H&M Low Skinny Ankle Jeans - $15

They’re usually about $30, but right now, three styles (blue and white stripe, gray, and pale blue denim) are only $15.

I’ve wanted a pair of “blue & white striped” jeans (around here, those are “train conductor pants,” ok?) for years. Vertical lines are always fun, and these are so slim that they kind of blue into a shade of blue, producing a noteworthy non-Beetlejuice effect.

Check it out!: Skinny Low Ankle Jeans, $15 at H&M