Daily Deal: Sonia Kashuk Bronzer Blush Duo

Blush, as a concept, is something I don’t particularly understand. I mean, I’m a pasty gal, as we well know, and that means I should probably seek interest in some kind of color additive, right? I’m not sure that I think it’s entirely necessary, but I am definitely interested in the idea. I mean, there is a blush compact in nearly every makeup bag in America – something has to be cool about this stuff, right?

Bronzer, on the other hand, is my truest best friend. Particularly in the winter, when my skin turns a printer paper matte white. But also in the summer, when I’m out in the sun pretending I do something other than burn and secretly covering myself in SPF80.

Although I may be resistant to blush, for fear of looking like an extra from a Fragonard painting, I am not one to shy away from items containing multiple seals of approval.

At some point, the hype surrounding a product becomes too much to bear, and I have to try it for myself. In this case, my eyebrow raised once I saw that a product from Sonia Kashuk x Target received a Insider’s Choice Award from Cosmetic Executive Women.

Sonia Kashuk x Target Blush/Bronzer DuoThe compact comes in three blush colors, none of which have descriptive names (“Glow,” “Glisten,” and “Glimmer“). All of the bronzers are the same color.

The reviews have been pretty consistently positive across the internet. Beauty bloggers and fashion magazines have all graded this specific product, found at Target for just under $13, as a smart buy. This review from The Fancy Face is particularly in-depth!

Here are some of the noteworthy comments:

This isn’t your typical sunny glow! It’s more of a metallic glowing coral on my cheeks that deepens if I use both colors combined together.Musings of a Muse

“The formulas remind me of some of the powder/cream/gel products we’ve seen from Estée Lauder and Chanel over the past couple of years.”Makeup and Beauty Blog

The pigment is buildable, but I found I didn’t need more than one swipe to get the perfect amount of color on my cheeks.”Blushing Noir

Some said that the product only lasted 6 hours instead of its promised 12, but that was the only common complaint! If you’re interested in tricking your friends into thinking your skin contains pigment, definitely consider this a potential addition to your sunshine arsenal.

Check it out!: Sonia Kashuk x Target Blush/Bronzer Duo, $12.99 at Target

  • Anki

    Lol! I loved this post! Really wish I could get my hands on this in the UK xx