Daily Deal: Spring Street Hinged Cuff

Nostalgia ends up dictating a lot of what I like. If I see something that I remember from my childhood, there’s a 75% greater chance that I will decide that I “like it,” regardless of what the color, pattern, or even object is.

I saw this cuff by Spring Street and it instantly reminded me of old serving platters that ‘d find in my grandparents cabinets.

Spring Street Hinged CuffYou remember the old, thick, ceramic plates that had intricate but bulbous designs on them? They were faed blue and china white, and I loved the simple color palette mixed with the beautiful patterns.

This cuff is a great recall to those old plates. It’s hinged, so it will be a sturdy addition to your arm party or whatever the kids call it these days.

Check it out!: Spring Street Hinged Cuff, $13.98 at Nordstrom