Daily Deal: T-Shirt Midi Dress

The trends of last year were pretty daring, when you think about it. 2013 had a lot of really bodacious (neon), provocative (lace) and dangerous (white white white!) trends, and I feel pretty exhausted (in a good way) just from observing such high-energy styles.

For me, it was all about comfort (surprise, surprise) and I’m taking that forward into 2014, but hoping to add a layer of “well-fitted/tailored” over the top of it. More fitted cotton skirts, wool jackets with great seams, and I may ditch (a lot of) the baggier bits of my wardrobe in favor of something more cozy and less ill-fitting.

Today, I found these criteria fulfilled when I spotted this t-shirt dress I from boohoo.com.

Boohoo.com T-Shirt Dress

It’s so simple – basically a t-shirt mashed up with a jersey midi dress. Or a really long t-shirt. However you want to describe it, it’s gonna be comfortable to wear.

These dresses are also good for layering, because adding a chunky or otherwise voluminous sweater over the top can be really flattering to your lower half, and instantly turns your dress into a skirt-like multi-tasker. You can’t beat this price, either. That’s one of the major up-sides to shopping at boohoo – epically inexpensive basics that go above and beyond t-shirts and tanks. Remember – this is full price, not sale!

If this heather grey isn’t your color, I would highly suggest taking a look at the bevy of shades available. They’ve got everything from sky blue to dark purple to lime green!

Check it out!: Cara T-Shirt Midi Dress, $16 at boohoo.com