Daily Deal: Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Quad

Purple is a color that holds a lot of magic within it. That is maybe the fruitiest opening line to one of my posts in the history of this website, but I mean it when I say it. I believe in the magic of purple because it makes everyone look better, particularly when it comes to beauty products.

I’ve survived the quest to find the best purple lipstick, discussed how I am an old-person purple lover and even toyed around with turning my hair various shades of violet, but where purple really shines is in cosmetics form – specifically around the eyes.

Shades of lavender and amethyst eyeshadows have always been in my makeup bag for their ability to make nearly every eye color pop. Greens and blues are more directly affected, but a light, pigmented lavender with a pair of brown eyes – stunning.

The idea to build an entire palette of Amazonian Clay shadows around the royalist of colors was truly brilliant on Tarte‘s part. They’re an excellent brand, already (vegan! cruelty-free!), but this Beauty & The Box “Envoke The Smoke” eyeshadow quad takes them to a whole new level.

Tarte Envoke The Smoke Amazonian Clay Vegan Eyeshadow Quad

So what’s the “Amazonian Clay” bit all about? Well, Tarte decided to use this material in their eyeshadows because it helps to reduce the surface oil on your eyelid, as well as nourish instead of deplete nutrients.

Vegan eyeshadow that’s actually good for your skin and comes in shades that you’ll use every day? Oh, wait – and it’s only ten dollars? What a happy Thursday.

Check it out!: Tarte Beauty & The Box Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Quad, $10 (was $22) at Sephora