Daily Deal: Tildon Chiffon Yoke Top

When it comes to buying tops, I am the most illogical. I have maybe a total of 6 tops that I rotate through my week, and a collection of sweaters and sweatshirts to provide as filler until laundry day comes.

It’s illogical because I love tops. They are entirely responsible for making jeans acceptable to wear on a daily basis. If you have a different top, you’re wearing a different outfit! Let no one tell you anything different! 

Daily Deal: Tildon Sheer Yoke Chiffon Top

I, personally, like my tops ultra interesting… or completely boring. I’m either in a ribbed tank, or a neon yellow silk top. A classic v-neck or a tiger-cherry-blossom-combo-muscle-tank. See where I’m going with this?

That’s what drew me to the Tildon Chiffon Yoke Top you see above. A comfortable cut and a classic color = my eyes are on it. But what really gets me is the sheer yoke, and I am a total sucker for almost-inappropriate sheerness.

The way that this top is best worn, in my opinion, is the way it’s shown in the product photo. A fitted (or, let’s be real: stretch jersey) mini skirt that goes up to the waist is a perfect compliment to the boxy shape of the top. I also love that there is a busier texture on the bottom to contrast the matte, smooth look of the top.

Check it out!: Tildon Sheer Yoke Top, $22.98 at Nordstrom