Daily Deal: Tortoiseshell Wayfarers – Under $10

For the last year, I’ve been hunting down the perfect pair of tortoiseshell wayfarers. None of the pairs I’ve found have the right shape, or the right color tone, or the right pattern… I’m starting to think that I’m being 100% too picky, or that the perfect wayfarers just don’t exist/are enormously expensive.

Wet Seal Tortoiseshell WayfarersIn the meantime, I’m tired of not having any.

Tortoiseshell is a nice way to lightly glam up something that would otherwise be plain. The fact that tortoiseshell is brown and black means that it remains neutral and therefore can be worn with pretty much anything and look awesome. Sometimes, the all-black-wayfarer look can be a little moreĀ James Dean or 500x worse, Danny Zuko than I wanna be, but apply a little tortoiseshell and it clears right up.

These are pretty solid for inexpensive sunglasses, as far as my harsh criteria goes, and even have a pop of bright turquoise on the inside. You think no one notices stuff like that, but you’re wrong. Catching a glimpse of a fancy but aesthetically unimportant part of an accessory is thrilling, and you know it.

Check it out!: Satin Tortoise Wayfarer Sunglasses, $7.50 at Wet Seal


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