Daily Deal: ZARA Studded Blucher

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed my ever-growing oxford collection and how it’s not growing fast enough.

ZARA Studded-Blocher-Oxfords

ZARA has some insane sales. I was casually browsing when I noticed that a bunch of their shoes are only $19.99 right now, including these studded oxfords (sorry, bluchers).

I currently have a pair of orange and brown wingtips, and a pair of oxblood oxfords (ultra alliteration, +10 points for me) but what I really need is a pair of black, every day oxfords. Orange doesn’t go with everything, you know what I mean?

Silver studs add a little bit of visual interest, which is good because I’d be bored to death with a pair of oxfords that were just black leather. They’re perfect for some people, especially if you’re into the J. Crew-ish, ultra classic look, but I need to rough it up a little bit in order to justify spending money on it. Seems counter-intuitive, but my attention span requires something shiny and/or sharp in order to keep me excited. Yeah, I’m a little like a 6 year old when it comes to fashion and I run a blog about it, okay?

Check it out!: Studded Bluchers, $19.99 at ZARA


Probably watching Netflix.