Dedicated: A Venue for the Wedding You Imagined

Every bride-to-be dreams of an unforgettable wedding and reception. Most girls have grown up thinking about what their special day will look like. Sometimes when the actual planning begins, it seems impossible for the ceremony and after party to live up to the splendor of youthful imagining. While many venues do not adequately fulfill a bride’s wishes, country club receptions can capture the charm and simple elegance of past daydreams like none other. If you want your splendid occasion to turn out just the way you pictured it, then consider booking a country club for unbeatable views and grounds. Once you have the venue settled, you’ll want to think about how other aspects of the wedding will work with the location.

To see the norms for various costs and other planning details, take a look at the nifty infographic Weddings by the Numbers by Country Club Receptions.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Country clubs are built for the enjoyment of the outdoors. Golf courses include lush rolling hills and stunning water features, which can serve as the perfect backdrop for an outside ceremony and celebration. The staff maintains the grounds so the grass, trees, and flowers look ravishing. You and your beaux can exchange vows in a charming garden gazebo and guests can enjoy the gentle breeze. Of course, no one can perfectly predict the weather.

If you want to play it safe, you can take advantage of the indoor facilities. Indoor weddings can be equally romantic. In the absence of wind, candles can safely be lit for a soft, warm glow, and spacious country club rooms provide excellent areas to dance and dine for the reception. If both indoor and outdoor locations sound appealing, then you can always opt to have an outdoor wedding and indoor reception or vice versa. Golf carts can whisk away guests from one site to the other in no time.


Time of Day

Keeping the wedding and reception close together can cut costs and make the planning less stressful. Country clubs are an ideal setting for smooth transitions, and look great at any time of day. An important aspect of the occasion is what time to start the events. Evening weddings are the most common for modern day ceremonies. After the vows, guests can comfortably party, dance, and drink at the reception. Lights can be wrapped around trees or strung overhead to make a beautiful canopy.

The price of providing a full-on dinner and lots of drinks can be hefty. If you want to cut down on some of the costs, you might want to consider having a morning wedding. The country club air is refreshing and the grounds invigorating in the earlier hours. While hair and makeup appointments will have to be set up before your preferred time, you won’t need to provide alcohol and any breakfast or brunch will cost significantly less than dinner.

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A Place that Caters to All

Whether you decide on an indoor or outdoor wedding in the morning or evening, country clubs have you covered. With beautiful exterior grounds and interior designs as well as pleasant atmospheres at any time of day, you can plan the particulars of your wedding without being limited by the venue. To see the norms for various costs and other planning details, take a look at the nifty infographic Weddings by the Numbers by Country Club Receptions.